Throughout the past 40 years ONSPEC TAWAKOL (OTEC) has been providing technical and commercial services for the Egyptian Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Fertilizer sector. We support our customers’ needs through our partnership with Major European, American and international contractors and manufacturers. OTEC has been the representative of several leading Manufacturers, Engineering companies and EPC contractors worldwide.

OSNPEC Technical and supply support starting from complete engineering of Onshore & Offshore facilities till commissioning and startup projects. OTEC has been successfully delivering several projects in the Egyptian market, starting from FEED study, detailed engineering and supply of Offshore Platforms, Top-side facilities, Process Packages and downstream equipment.

OSNEPC with its Procurement arm has access to the various suppliers worldwide, where we carry-out the supplier Coordination as Bidders Lists, RFQs and ITB Preparation as well as Technical & Economical Bid evaluation up to the Negotiation Support and LOA / PO preparation.