Conceptual Design

Concept Design is an early phase where ONSPEC the project feasibility, the principle and theory based on practical decision, where various KPIs are taken into account:

  • Options Screening and Selection Workshops.
  • Preliminary Heat and Material Balance.
  • Process Scheme Optimization (Preliminary Process Flow Diagrams)
  • Defining Main Equipment
  • Preliminary Equipment Sizing
  • Specification of Products/Effluents
  • Cost Estimation Report

FEED Studies

Front End Engineering Design - FEED is basic engineering which comes after the feasibility study and the concept engineering. We work with our clients to progress the definition of the selected conceptual design(s) to an agreed level of detail to confirm project viability.

  • Process Description and Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams with Control Philosophy.
  • Project Equipment Sizing and Specifications
  • Process and Mechanical Datasheets for Equipment
  • Major Instrument & Electrical Datasheets
  • Plant layout
  • Design reviews including HAZID, ENVID, SIL, HAZOP, RAM

Detailed Engineering

In detailed design we convert the FEED results, tailored to the client's execution strategy, to deliver an engineering design which can be safely and efficiently constructed, installed and commissioned:

  • Finalization and Reviewing of Piping and Instrument diagrams for construction
  • Piping GA’s , isometrics and MTOs for construction including stress analysis
  • Electrical and control design, including power distribution and control systems
  • Process and Mechanical Datasheets for Equipment
  • Civil/Structural design structure and building construction MTOs and drawings
  • Procurement support of all equipment items
  • Development of commissioning and operating documents