Process Simulation

Process Simulation

ONSPEC is an authorized partner and re-seller for the AspenTech in Egypt, and North Africa provides all range of software and services:

  • Software Licenses
  • Process Simulation Training and Certificates
  • Process Simulation Service:
    • Steady State Model
    • Dynamic Model

In addition to other Simulation and Modeling Applications includes but not limited to:

  • Operator Training Systems OTS
  • Historian and Reporting
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Optimisation

Dynamic Simulation:

Dynamic simulation is a key contributor to operability and assuring safety in start-up , shutdown and ongoing operations.

Evaluate Unexpected events (what if analysis) during normal operation.

The study scope varying from equipment behavior ( compressor ,turbo- expander,….etc) to unit behavior ( de-methanizer unit , amine unit,….etc) to a hole plant (GOSP,LNG plant, fractionation, …etc)

Plant Units Dynamics:

  • We able to test the plant behavior during different scenarios to evaluate control system , equipment capabilities and overall stability.
  • Plant start up/shutdown
  • 50% plant turndown/120% of Capacity.
  • Emergency shut down.
  • Equipment trip.

Equipment Dynamics:

Compressors and Turbo expanders are very important and critical equipment at any plant.

Dynamic simulation is used to :

  • Test the operability and controllability of the turbo expander.
  • Test the response of the overall control system.
  • Test the response of the anti-surge control system.
  • Confirm the anti-surge valve size and stroke time adequacy to protect the compressor from surge.