As-built and Intelligent 3D Modeling

ONSPEC Provides As-built updating service after construction, in addition to As-Is Updating Service for Existing Facilities in order to complete and update all engineering documents and drawings related to All Equipment in the Plant Facilities Units.

ONSPEC obtaining experience of more than 20 Years and 120 in-house industry experts supporting the client during the modernization and updating project lifecycle including from Data Gathering, Gap Analysis, Updating Registers, 3D Scanning, Ground Penetrating, and verification. Up to Generating the Intelligent 3D Model, in addition to the Complete, Accurate, and updated Engineering Drawings, and Documents.

Besides, Environmental Studies including but not limited to Noise Study, Noise Control Design, Waste Management Study, and Emissions and Control Studies

Objective: Data Gathering, Verification, Filling Gaps, and Update. To Develop Accurate, Updated, and Complete Data & Drawings

Scanning & Ground Penetrating

ONSPEC provide the 3D Laser Scanning to Generate Accurate, Colored, and Structured Point Cloud for the plant using different technologies, including but not limited to Terrestrial Scanner, Mobile Vehicle Scanner, and Handheld Scanners. In addition to GNSS Receivers, and Total Station.

ONSPEC utilize high-end equipment and instruments includes but not limited to FARO (USA), Leica (Germany), Topcon (Japan), and other American, and European Manufactures.

ONSPEC Laser Scanning Service covering all facility elements includes but not limited to Piping, Tanks, Towers, Equipment, Steel Structures, Cable Trays, Building, Fences, and Roads.

ONSPEC Laser Scanning Level of details covering all instruments, and piping fittings up to 0.25 inches to be included in the 3D intelligent Modeling.

ONSPEC utilize also the Ground Penetrating GPR to define the depth, and routing of the process piping which are connecting the process unites to include it in the 3D Model.

Updating Diagrams, Layouts, and Drawings

  • Data Gathering and classification of all existing engineering drawings and documents.
  • Defining Engineering Documentation Gaps, Missing Information, and Project Planning.
  • Site Survey Verification includes but not limited to:
  • Process Data, Control loop and Set-Points
  • Type of Fluids in Piping, and Equipment Nameplates against Data Sheets.
  • Changes of Nozzles, Piping Routing, and Reallocation of Equipment
  • Duty, Sparing, in maintenance and out of services Equipment.
  • Updating As-built/As-Is PFDs, PIDs, Equipment List, Line List, and Piping Specs
  • Intelligent 3D Modelling for Plant Units, Equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Steel Structures, and Supporting elements limited to the availability of design specifications.
  • Extracting updated Layouts, and Drawings including but not limited to General Arrangements, and Isometrics.

As-built AND 3D Modeling Project Samples

ONSPEC has many references in developing As-built, Drawings, and 3D Modeling includes but not limited to the following samples:


  • 3D Modelling
  • Digital Plant.
  • Operator Training System OTS

Abalto/PDO, Oman

  • PDO-SNCP As Built
  • Update As-built SPI Model, .
  • Update As-built PDMS 3D Model

Suez Oil Company (SUCO)

  • As-Built P&IDs of Disouq fields

Egyptian Petrochemical Company (EPC)

  • Updated As-built PIDs for VCM Unit Pipe Rack
  • As-built Scanning, and Intelligent 3D Modeling for
  • As-built Piping Isometrics including Pipe Supports

Nasr Petroleum Company (NPC)

  • Update As-built Drawings for NPC Process & Utility Units
  • Intelligent 3D Modelling for All Plant using Laser Scanning
  • Electronic Digital Archiving & Virtual Plant