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Onspec Engineering & Contracting is a leading EPC firm in the oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energy markets;

Main Authorized Agent and Master Distributor of Kohler Gensets

Energy In Egypt and the Middle East

HIDROMEK Official & Exclusive partner in Egypt

One of the largest companies worldwide and the top in Turkey

Authorized Partner and License Re-seller for AspenTech

In Egypt and North Africa providing all range of software and services

Partner of Vallourec in Egypt

Providing benchmark tubular solutions for the energy sectors

Upgrading VCM Unit Firefighting Network

As a part of the total upgrade of the VCM Unit, including fabrication, installation, erection, and testing

We design and build world class energy facilities

Onspec Engineering & Contracting is a leading EPC firm in the oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energy markets; delivering fully integrated projects and services

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It is an honor to lead Onspec, which has grown from a start-up to a top EPC firm in Egypt's oil, gas, and petrochemicals sectors during the past 20 years. Despite the economic hurdles Egypt has encountered in the last ten years as a result of the political reform and the COVID-19 shock, Egypt's economy has shown resilience and continued to expand.As a step forward at Onspec, we used a variety of growth strategies; we expanded geographically, opening a branch in Algeria and several Middle Eastern representation offices, we added more equipment supply agencies to our portfolio, we added the construction service, and we recently established a new digitalization department.Onspec is currently one of the market's energy leaders, and we work hard to maintain that position.This aligns with our primary value of "Commitment to Excellence".

Ahmed Hamdan

Founder & CEO

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Latest News

  • 16/2/2023

    After a successful implementation of advanced process control system APC in ANRPC units and the benefits achieved by the system, Onspec and ANRPC are cooperating to implement the system on the new units to be under one APC system in order to maximize the benefits and the energy savings.
  • 3/3/2023

    قامت شركة اونسبك بتوريد وتركيب مولدات كهرباء احتياطية بقدرات متنوعة لمشروع استاد الجيش المصري بمدينه مصر للألعاب الاولمبيه بالعاصمه الاداريه الجديده.
  • 21/2/2023

    على هامش مؤتمر و معرض ايجبس التقى المهندس احمد حمدان رئيس شركه اونسبك للهندسة و المشروعات و الوفد المرافق له من شركه اسبنتك المهندس محمد عبد العزيز رئيس مجلس اداره شركه انبي لبحث أوجه التعاون المستقبلي و المشروعات الحاليه بين الشركتين.
  • 10/10/2022

    The Italian Termotecnica Industries and Egyptian Onspec Engineering & Contracting Consortium were awarded and signed a Contract for the supply of two high-pressure boilers in favor of Suez Oil Processing Company (SOPC).