As-built & Intelligent 3D Modeling

Onspec provides the following activities as part of the As Built & 3D Modeling

  • Data Gathering and classification of all existing engineering documents and Drawings.
  • Defining Engineering Documentation Gaps, Missing Information, and Project Planning.
  • Site Survey Verification includes but not limited to:
    • Process Data, Control loop and Set-Points
    • Type of Fluids in Nameplates against Data Sheets.
    • Changes of Nozzles, Piping Routing, and Reallocation of Equipment.
    • Duty, Sparing, in maintenance and out of services Equipment.
  • Updating As-built PFDs, PIDs, Equipment List, Line List, and Piping Specs.
  • Intelligent 3D Modelling for Plant Units, Equipment, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Steel Structures, and Supporting elements limited to the availability of design specifications.
  • Extracting updated Layouts, and Drawings including but not limited to General Arrangements, and Isometrics.

Asset Integrity

ONSPEC Provides Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) through an international partnership and leading providers of asset integrity, sustainability, training and digital services which improve reliability, safety and asset protection whilst at the same time helping to maximize plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards facing heavy industries such as Oil and Gas, Utilities, Mining, Renewables and Nuclear.

Stages for Implementation

Energy Management

ONSPEC provides comprehensive Pre-FEED & FEED Studies for Energy Saving and Conservation Processes in Refineries & Petrochemical Facilities, Where the EGPC Target for the first-year is 3.5% reduction of the overall energy consumed by the affiliated processing facilitates, with the energy consumption values of year 2020/2021 are used as benchmark values for reference.

  • ONSPEC believes that this target is achievable through performing the Energy Saving Study at different Phases / Stages process.
  • ONSPEC utilize all available tools and technologies to perform an overall energy
  • consumption review including but not limited to a base line process simulation
  • By following the energy sources, distribution and usage in order to determine the significant energy users, how much they deviate from the ideal / standard consumption, and the proposed saving opportunities.
  • ONSPEC Energy efficiency evaluation includes process units, equipment (Heaters for example), and Motors, /drivers, also will cover major utility systems (gas, fuel oil, steam, flare).
Basic Services:
  • Overall Plant Assessment.
  • Plant Run Test Supporting and witness.
  • Pre-FEED Study & FEED Engineering.
Option Services:
  • Supporting / Providing 3rd Party for.
  • inspections and Run Test measurements.
  • Procurement and construction supervision.
  • Program Management (PMC) / Construction Management.