Course Id: EHX1100 | Duration: 3.00 day(s) | Level: Introductory

Oman (Muscat)
2-4 Sep 2018
3 Days
2100 USD

Course Objective

Learn the fundamentals of producing a cost optimized exchanger design. Understand the requirements for design of boilers and condensers. Integrate Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger with Aspen HYSYS? Or Aspen Plus? Optimize for both mechanical and thermal design requirements through the integration of Aspen Shell & Tube Mechanical (Aspen Teams? ) with Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger. Learn how to use Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger for the design and simulation of water coolers and condensers. Learn the fundamentals of simulating a plate fin heat exchanger. Learn the fundamentals of rating and simulating a fired heater.

Course Overview

  • Improve awareness about simulation tools under EDR to solve real process problems.
  • Explore the basic geometric inputs to simulate heat exchanger.
  • Recognize the features and functional capability of the EDR to model different types of heat exchangers


  • Learn the modeling capability of EDR for producing a cost optimized exchanger design
  • Study the details of simulating various industrial heat exchangers using EDR


  • Thermal / mechanical, process and design professionals to enhance understanding of thermal design and simulation
  • Anyone required to assess technical proposals for fired heaters, shell and tube heat exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers, plate fin heat exchangers


  • Discussion about the general approach and the key elements for successful simulations
  • Overview of Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger in design and simulation exercises covering typical examples in condensing and boiling
  • Study the application of Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger for rating, and simulation of tubular exchangers
  • Review application of Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger for cryogenic condensers, reboiler, and multi stream/layer exchangers
  • Explore Aspen fire heater to model twin cabin fired heater and single cabin fired heater with roof tubes


Access to Exchanger Design and Rating suite.

Subsequent Courses

Course Series Information
Please note this is a course series that includes selected content from the following courses:

  • EHX1011 Design and Rate a Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
  • EHX1021 Design and Rate an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • EHX1031 Design and Simulation of Fired Heaters Using Aspen Fired Heaters

EHX1041 Introduction to Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger