Course Id: EHY202 | Duration: 2.00 day(s) | Level: Intermediate

Jordan (Amman)
9-10 May 2018
2 Days
1600 USD

Course Objective

Learn how to use and apply advanced modeling techniques to enhance your simulation. Create models that emulate plant conditions. Create custom column templates, including non-standard configurations. Optimize process conditions to meet one or more process constraints. Perform complex calculations on flowsheet variables using the HYSYS Spreadsheet. Integrate rigorous heat exchanger models into a standard flowsheet. Use the Depressuring Analysis to predict pressures and temperatures inside process vessels during pressure let-downs and emergency conditions.
Course Overview
Learn how to use and apply advanced modeling techniques to enhance new and existing Aspen HYSYS flowsheets


• Create custom column configurations
• Perform complex calculations and analyses using the Spreadsheet operation and Case Study tool
• Learn how to optimize your Aspen HYSYS simulation
• Model liquid carryover and imperfect separation
• Simulate vessel depressurization and complex relief scenarios
• Define reaction sets and utilize different types of reactor models


• Process engineers who need advanced skills for more complex modeling tasks
• Current HYSYS users looking to build upon their knowledge of basic steady-state procedures in Aspen HYSYS


• Instruction on key topics
• An experienced instructor will select an appropriate order in which to present the modules
• Discussion about the general approach and the key elements for successful simulations
• Instructor-guided demonstrations of various features
• Comprehensive modeling-based workshops covering all key course topics
• A full set of detailed course notes on all topics is provided


• Previously attend EHY101 Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling training course, or
• Familiarity with basic Aspen HYSYS steady-state process modeling techniques

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