Course Overview

• Learn to create and build detailed project estimates using Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator
• Learn how to use the Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator system more effectively, tailoring it to specific project estimates
• Learn how to use Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator to evaluate your company's projects
• Maximize your company's return on investment (ROI) and reduce the risk involved in making decisions
• Compose specific outline scope definitions for Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator projects
• Obtain in-plant designs and estimates from minimal input in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods
• Reduce estimation variability by adopting a consistent methodology
• Increase costing accuracy by generating detailed reports for analysis, traceable to line items, not lump sums of money
• Make adjustments to project estimates according to local area conditions
• Use system documentation to improve estimate consistency and reliability

Course Objective

Learn how to develop in-plant design, estimate and schedule using Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator. Reduce estimation variability by adopting a consistent methodology.


Project Managers and Engineers, Plant Engineers, Plant Estimating Managers, Plant Estimators, Engineering Managers new to Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator


• Instruction on basic topics
• Discussion about the general approach and the key elements for successful simulations
• Instructor-guided demonstrations of features
• Hands-on workshops that apply learned concepts
• Detailed course notes