Course Overview

• Simulate CO2 removal processes using chemical and physical solvents
• Examine CO2 plant simulation convergence problems and check for solution methods
• Provide accurate simulation of rate-limited reactive and non-reactive CO2 column separations
• Predict tray efficiency or HETP and evaluate column set up for CO2

Course Objective

• Learn how to model CO2 removal processes by utilizing the necessary component physical properties and reactions needed
• Learn how to model absorbers and regenerators systems using chemical and physical solvents
• Understand and enhance separation performance through detailed rate-based modeling


• Engineers who need to simulate accurate models of CO2 removal processes


• Attend ''Process Modeling course".
• Background in the Aspen HYSYS graphical user interface
• Must have access to Aspen HYSYS V7.2 or later to utilize skills after attending the course