Course Overview

• Explaining the features and applications of the heat transfer unit operations and calculations available in Aspen HYSYS
• Determining common capabilities and basic construction of common industrial heat exchangers
• Learning how to model rigorous heat exchangers in an Aspen HYSYS simulation
• Learning additional ways to integrate Aspen HYSYS with AspenTech's rigorous heat exchanger modeling software

Course Objective

• Understand heat exchanger geometry and design basics, focusing on shell and tube exchangers
• Investigate the thermal calculations used by both Aspen HYSYS and the Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating programs
• Advance from shortcut modeling of heat exchangers in Aspen HYSYS to using rigorous Aspen EDR models


• Process engineers performing process design and optimization with Aspen Plus in combination with Aspen Hetran, Aspen TASC or Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger (Aspen Tasc+)
• Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions


• Working knowledge of Aspen Aerotran, Aspen Hetran, TASC, Aspen ACOL, or Aspen Shell & Tube pen Exchanger
• Familiarity with the Aspen HYSYS graphical user interface