modelingYour whole process is modeled on a screen empowering you to conduct what-if scenarios, design and size the equipment of production facilities and much more. Our modeling and simulation solutions apply to static and dynamic states, and we utilize the software solutions provided by our principal partners such as Aspentech and Belsim


we perform surge and slug analysis on your pipelines, whether they carry oil or gas. We also simulate pigging and its impact, help you take proactive action to preserve your operations and your production assets.


We help you determine what is the best course of action to improve your process, reduce flaring and eliminate bottlenecks. Through our dynamic models we will show you different options of process improvement and the impact of each on the facility and production.


Maintaining production targets regardless of the different variables that impact production is often necessary. Through our production planning solutions we help you account for several variables (such as plant equipment, operational measures, production constraints, bypasses and routes, etc.) and determine how production levels can still be maintained.


Preparing your operators and engineers to run plant operations is easier than ever. We produce a model identical and corresponding to your plant and process, and integrate the model with the actual interface screens from the control systems (DCS, SCADA, etc.) We subject the operators to different scenarios and incidents then we observe how they handle them, and certify the readiness of the operators accordingly.