Engineering disciplines

process engineering

o Ensuring technical integrity of process engineering deliverables to provide for a safe, efficient and operable facility.

o Designing, optimizing and improving the operation of equipment and facilities

o Advising on process safety issues

o Analyzing and interpreting laboratory and plant data or commission new installations

o Directing and guiding the process engineering activities of the team to generate alternative technical solutions and options during all phases of the project to support business strategy

 · Customizing and implementing appropriate process engineering related work procedures and systems

 · Identifying and securing the appropriate process engineering resources for the project to deliver quality process engineering deliverables within the agreed project schedule

piping engineering

o Project specific standards development

o PDMS development

o Equipment layout engineering

o Piping routing (2D & 3D)

o Piping material engineering & procurement assistance

o (MTO calculation for estimation & procurement)

o Piping support design engineering

o Piping stress analysis engineering

o Reverse engineering (as-built updating)

equipment engineering

o Equipment design engineering

o ASME design calculation

o Fabrication drawing
o Tank design and stress analysis

civil engineering

o Design of superstructures for refinery and petrochemical units

o Infrastructure design (water supply, sewage, firefighting networks, trenches)

o Foundation design

o Design and engineering of skids and modular structures

o Pipe and cable rack structures

o Design of foundations for large process equipment

electrical engineering

o Cable sizing

o Cable tray layouts

o Load calculation

o Single line diagram (SLD)

o Generation & updating of single line diagram (SLD)

o Preparation of layout (earthling/lighting)

o Power and control cable design & layout

o SCADA & I/O List

o Interface activities with civil / machinery / instrumentation

o Coordination with civil for floor openings

o Electrical equipment foundation and plants

o Electrical data input for packaged equipment

o Lighting distribution

o Earthing and lightning protection

o Power generation & distribution systems

instrumentation engineering

o PLC/DCS (System Engineering)

o Instruments’ datasheets & indices

o Cause & effect diagrams

o Defining field instruments & control panel specification

o Loop drawings

o Instrument & electrical interconnection drawing

o JB & cable schedule

o Logic interlocks drawing

o Instruments cable tray layout

o Instrument location plan

o Bill of Materials

o Level Sketch Diagram

o Instrument & Control Systems

o Tele-communications & data networks

o Fire detection, alarm & protection systems

hse engineering


o F&G Studies, Dispersion Studies.