construction managementOTEC has an established market presence in providing project management teams with extensive onshore and offshore capabilities to supervise projects during construction. Our site-based construction team includes materials and logistics support, dedicated site based planners, QA for handover management and permit control.

Our contributions include:

• Construction planning & scheduling
• Resources allocation
• Quality Control (Civil, Mechanical, Piping & E/I)
• Material control
• Field Technical Support
• Health, safety and environment (HSE)


In addition to executing projects, OTEC also has significant experience of providing Project Management and Technical Support.

Our services include:

• Overall Project Management
• Contractor supervision
• Design verification
• Contract/subcontract administration
• Planning and scheduling
• Cost estimation and budgeting
• Progress evaluation and reporting
• Cost control
• Material monitoring
• Corrective actions to maintain schedule & budget

We take pride in tailoring our offering to our clients' needs.