Process Simulation

Design and Rate an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Course Overview

  • Learn the general design considerations of air-cooled exchangers
  • Investigate thermal design principles, counter current exchangers and extended surfaces
  • Examine process-side, air-side, fan selection and physical properties

Course Objective

  • Optimize the investment in Aspen Air-Cooled Exchanger software for design and simulation of water coolers and condensers
  • Efficiently use Aspen Air-Cooled Exchanger to evaluate:
    • Single-Phase exchangers
    • Condenser
    • Air coolers of different configurations


  • Designers and operators of air-cooled heat exchangers in process and power industries
  • Process Design professionals involved in the specification of air-cooled heat exchangers for the full range of process applications including condensers, gas and liquid coolers


  • None