Process Simulation

Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining

Course Overview

  • Learn to create, evaluate and optimize refinery models including complicated refinery reactors
  • Learn to perform case studies, trace petroleum properties, and evaluate profit for steady-state models of refining processes

Course Objective

  • Rapidly create flowsheets for fractionation columns and refinery reactors such as FCC units
  • Evaluate the performance of existing refinery models with the Case Study feature
  • Insert assay data to track over 50 major petroleum properties such as sulfur and octane number
  • Learn how the complex, rigorous reactor models can streamline and organize simulation efforts


  • Process engineers performing refinery design and optimization for projects and studies
  • Plant engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions


  • Familiarity with the petroleum refining industry
  • A functional knowledge of Aspen HYSYS is needed