Electrical Engineering

Power Protection Systems

Course Overview

  • Outlining protection terminology
  • Identify the major requirements of reliable electrical protection system
  • Learn about different types of faults SCC (O.C) and overloads
  • Characteristics of protection devices & ancillaries e.g. relays, circuit breakers, CT's & PT's, etc...
  • The protection systems for the main equipment: generators, transformers and motors

Course Objective

  • Learn the fundamentals of protection schemes, main & ancillary electrical components and selectivity principles
  • Utilize the characteristics of the protection devices in protection schemes
  • Evaluate and replace different protection components
  • Develop troubleshooting skills


  • Electrical engineers involved in engineering/design activities
  • Site switch gear Installation or construction supervisors
  • Maintenance and/or operation engineers of major electrical equipment


  • Familiarity with Electrical Design, maintenance or operation of Electrical Distribution Systems