Tasks & Responsibilities

• Participate in related active projects.

• Develop steady state simulation models and studies using various process simulation software (Aspen, HYSYS Dynamics)

• Develop high fidelity state steady simulation models.

• Develop Project Design Basis

• Develop all process engineering related documents & reports such as PFD’s, H&MB’s, P&ID’s, C&E Diagrams, Hydraulics reports, datasheets, etc...

• Verify that control systems for steady models are capable of ensuring safe operation and equipment protection during normal operation and major upset conditions such as feed reductions, trips, blocked • compressor suction/ discharge, parallel machine trips, etc.

• Propose a control alternative for every control finding during scenarios for steady state models.

• Propose modifications to overcome any shortcomings, and verify the modifications.

• Propose conceptual process design.

• Propose different solutions/ scenarios to client’s problems as well as comparisons and recommendations.

• Participate in HAZOP meetings and prepare HAZOP nodes and reports.

• Prepare technical reports studies for the project.

• Perform Site visits and prepares site visit reports.

Qualification and Experience

• Bachelor degree in chemical engineering.

• Minimum of 2 years relevant working experience after graduation.

• Competent PC skills.

• Familiar with technical software within his/her field